Correctly Count Elements per Page in a Repeating Group

Hi, I am creating a Data Table view for the users of my App. For good usability, I would like to follow the Material Design Guidelines. What I am trying to achieve is the table view in the screenshot. Everything works fine, except for displaying the “1 - 10 of 100”. What bothers me, is the “10”. I attached a screenshot of my argument as well. The issue is, that with my current argument, on a page that has less rows than 10, it will still show “1 - 10 of 7”. Any ideas how that argument has to be structured, so that the last page, or generally pages with fewer rows than 10 also show that number?


Hey @Niki

You could create a condition on that element that says: when the list of artists:count < 10… replace the expression to substitute “10” with “list of artists:count”

Hope that makes sense?


Hey @robhblake ,

great idea - didn’t think of using a condition. It worked almost like you did. Except the condition is now "When Artist List Is on the last page=“Yes”. That makes more sense, since I often have the case where the count is say 63. Then the last page will now show “61 - 63 of 63”. Hope that makes sense.

Thank you for hinting me to the condition! Sometimes you just don’t see the obvious.


We’ve all been there! Glad to help.

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