"items until #" not working in the "Display list" action

Not sure if it’s a bug, but I’ve tried a few iterations with no success…

I have a custom action (triggered on page load) that conditionally determines a user’s billing status. If the account is not fully paid, the content of a repeating group should be limited to the first 3 list items.

This is accomplished using the “Display list” action, with the data source being limited by the “items until #3” parameter.

By all accounts everything appears configured correctly, however it does not seem to work in practice. Interestingly, it does generally work effectively in debug mode.

Any thoughts?

It’s hard to determine the problem without seeing your editor but it may be best to use a custom state to determine if the account is fully paid or not. Then in the repeating group, use conditional statements.

If the account is paid, display all items. If the account is NOT paid, display the first 3.

Also, make sure you repeating group’s layout style is NOT set to fixed number of cells.

Hope that helps,

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Good call – that worked!

Thanks a lot @dbevan!

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