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Cost Estimation Tool for my website

I am looking for help to build a cost estimation tool for our website. Is this a service you can provide?

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I can help you with this! Want to schedule a time to chat?!

Can you provide some more detail about what sort of calculations, user data privacy needs, data store, etc?

Thank you for reaching out. Our goal is currently quite small.

We would like to build a plug-in for our website that will estimate cost and construction estimates automatically.

We have the hard data but we are looking for assistance to streamline it and also create a user friendly interface.


This is well within my capabilities. Would you like to schedule a time either Thursday or Friday to talk more about your needs.

If the data is already in bubble this will be quick and easy most likely. If it’s external, it’s only a little more complicated but very doable still.

I have some open time 1-4PM EST tomorrow too.
Feel free to shoot me a message to chat further

[email protected]