[Tool] Calculate your Bubble Project Price

Hey there, wanted to share a little tool I built to help freelancers speed up their pricing and development process !

Here’s the link :

The tools relies on a database of 40+ scoped features :
:books: List of typical User Stories describing specs of each Feature
:white_check_mark: Checklist of Acceptance Criteria for each User Story
:mortar_board: Atomic tutorials to help complete each User Story
:brain: Access to a Bubble Editor example for each feature, so you can copy paste

Here’s a video showing what those looks like, you can ask access on the tool :

After spending last year guiding bubble beginners through their first freelance projects, a few pain emerges :
My goal is to build tools & plugis to speed up the journey of bubblers to a state of solid deliverability, so they can be confident enough and start making money :muscle:t4:


Cool share. Just checked it out. If you’re goal is to make it accessible and easy to use for other developers as opposed to a quick check for your potential clients, I would recommend providing a breakdown of all points you have attributed to each item in your formula so that another developer could easily adjust it for how long they think it might take them.

I do appreciate that you put the pricing on the higher side as it is aggravating to see so many ‘developers’ price themselves so low, so this tool could be really useful to help alleviate some of the issue of inexperienced ‘developers’ reducing the value of what it means to be a Bubble Developer.

Very nicely done and a great idea. :clap: :clap: :clap: and I second @boston85719 sentiment on the collateral damage of folks trying to deliver Projects on an underpriced promise.

Thanks @boston85719
I’m definitely looking for a way to give access to this breakdown, for now it’s a Notion Template working fine enough, do you think it would have great value to directly integrate it on the tool ?

@lindsay_knowcode :heart: I was thinking about ditching the initial estimate and let users enter their hourly rate & celerity to display their own price but I guess having the first prefill can encourage price high enough ?

I’ve been pondering this now for a few days :slight_smile: With your approach, it is implicitly educating Customers on what is possible, what is easy, what is hard - with having a checklist of a long list of potential features. I think this is smart. :+1:

Something I’d preface the discussion with is a checklist of when NOT to use Bubble. before you go into the detail of what you are going to do - sense check what you aren’t going to do …

  • Apps requiring Bank-level security or HIPAA compliance
  • Apps that require a large amount of data database processing (you would do this processing in a database outside of Bubble and bring the results into Bubble) eg Analytics,
  • Apps requiring offline access (Bubble needs an internet connection to work)
  • Apps requiring non-US regional process & data storage (You are able to host Bubble in your preferred AWS region at increased cost)
  • With very large databases (millions of records) you would typically use an external database for bulk operations reasons (there are many options and external databases bring a lot of extra issues)
  • With a lot of data storage (many gigabytes of data) you would use external storage for cost reasons (there are many options)
  • A native app ( it is possible to wrap a Bubble app into a native app though these apps have limitations)
  • Requiring very low latency (eg trading)

And I put this list here hoping other smart folks chime in with anything I’ve missed :slight_smile:



Why? Seems to work ok at the millions :man_shrugging:

Same for some of your other assertions.

I guess it depends what you mean by “works ok” :slight_smile: … Which assertions Nigel?

To answer the questions of why millions of records I think is problematic is basically bulk operations (delete, update …)

Batch processing/size …

I will agree on delete (always been an issue in bulk) but how often do you really need to delete a million rows?

Have regularly been up in the millions on real live apps. As I say, they work ok.

Going external brings its own issues.


Pretty interesting idea this “what is not possible preface” : it would help dealing with customers expectations !

I guess some of your suggestions (HIPAA compliance for example) could be resolve using external database like Xano !

I probably can make a way more conversational version focused on customers to sort out this questions before ending up on the feature list, and for developers, just add a category of features Database (“HIPAA compliance”, “non-US hosted” etc…) that should cover a good chunk of the cases !

Thanks a lot for the thoughts man :wink:

Great tool Fode ! Is it live yet ?