Could anyone please Help with a Show/Hide groups Question?

I am trying to create a ‘Sign up’ workflow that will show only one group at a time, on the same page, for signing a new user up. How do I accomplish this ? Thanks :slight_smile:

Put all groups in same x,y position on page.

When user clicks join, set state of parent group or page to ‘join’. Add a condition to join group of ‘when state of patent group is join, show join group’ repeat process for all other groups.

Thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:)
Should I put all of the groups inside of a group to create a parent group?

It depends what your future goals are. I generally get into the habit of putting the state on a parent group but you could put it on anything on the page, including on the page itself. Since you will simply swap the states in and out on the one thing, it makes sense to do it on a common invisible parent group. It also gets you into the habit of using parent groups which you will use a lot for responsive design as well as when you get into using ‘ Parent Group’s Thing’ logic.

Sorry but I’ve only been working on Bubble for about a week, and I’m not a software dev so bubble is very new to me! I created a group, centered it horizontally and vertically on the page and then did the same with each child group so they are all within the parent group now. I set ‘Type of Content’ of the parent group to ‘User’ and made the parent group not visible, now what?

let’s start from the Next button.

  1. look at your Element Tree on the left and make sure all your groups are in the parent group ( an arrow will show by the parent to let you know it has children). If not, use cut on a group, select parent group on the page, and paste. Do so all groups are inside parent, check tree to see parent/child arrow.

  2. Select next button, in workflow set state, create a text state name it whatever you like eg. Postcode.

  3. Back on postcode group go to conditional tab, enter instructions in my previous comment eg. To hide when state changes. With all the remaining groups, they will be hidden first and then when state changes, set them to show.

Rather than piecemeal advice like this, I highly recommend watching both Bubble’s videos and the Bubble videos on YouTube. You can also copy your app, or copy parts of your app, make the app public and allow editing so that other forum members can show you how it’s done. I can do this if you want in the next 30 mins, after that I’m going for a run :slight_smile:

LOL, Enjoy your run :slight_smile: I’ll be back on tomorrow, my brain feels like it’s gonna explode! I’ve been learning this stuff all day and I’m now kind of all over the place! Time to relax a bit and off to bed. Thanks for ll of your help and I’ll try to implement again tomorrow. Be safe during these crazy times :slight_smile:

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