Could you recommend anyone to review app before beta testing

Hi Bubble Community,

Would you be able to recommend anyone to help peer review data structure (for scale), & search queries before on-boarding too many beta testers and making a potential mess of the data? Anyone you’ve worked with you could recommend?

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This is a very relevant question, its incredible hard to build stuff alone and not make tons of mistakes. I myself have a tendency to test my own apps in the same structures, meaning i never discover the bugs i cant imagine on my own…

Heres a business idea for someone: build a platform for test-swapping, you test somebodys app and earn test credits to buy other people to test your own app :slight_smile:

Or you can ofcourse buy test credits to get usertests…


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Hey @J805, I know you offer coaching services, but do you offer some service that might help @jasonturo?

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Definitely check out…


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Thanks @johnny, yeah, I do app audits too.

Hey :wave: @jasonturo,

If you want, I can do a 1 or 2 hour session with you and can see if your app is optimized and give you some feedback during the session. Let me know if that is something you would be interested in. Check out my site on how to book a session. Thanks!

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thank you, @mikeloc and @johnny . @J805 Jason, I’ll find a time on our calendars when I get everything together.

Have a fun weekend!


Welcome! :blush:

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Good choice with @J805

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Hey Jason,

Going to find a time in our calendars. Look forward to connecting with you.

Jason T

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Awesome! Looking forward to working with you on your project! :blush: