Couldn't understand why my workflow not working

Hello expert people here,
I am facing an issue which is, when I click on save evaluation, I want to save whatever is there on the test window, so I run this workflow but nothing is getting saved in the database.
I am attaching the relevant images here, please let me know whatelse is needed to get me understand where I am going wrong.

Please help!
Thanks in advance

Hi there, @faltukiidhye… the workflow is trying to make changes to the first item in the list of tasks in the current user’s t_1 field, but your second to last screenshot shows that the user’s t_1 field is empty. So, the workflow can’t make changes to a task because there is no task for it to change.

If you explain more about what you are trying to do and how you are trying to do it, I’m guessing someone will be able to help you get down a good path. Right now, though, I’m thinking you are missing something because it is unlikely that you always want to make changes to the first item in the list of tasks.