"Make changes to a thing" is not saving data. RG from another page, to another edit page

Newbie here!

I am wondering why my workflow for saving and changing things is not working. Since this should be just easy. So in here, I have a form which when updated by clicking the save button, things in a database, should be updated/changed.

But the workflow is not working.

I checked all groups in the page, and they are all (Except for the page), configured to get data from parent’s group user.

Please note that this page, is a result/connected to a list of employees inside an RG and popup.

Without more info it’s impossible to say…

What exactly do you mean by it’s not working?

The workflow doesn’t run?

Or it does run, but the data is not being changed? All of it? Some of it? The wrong user etc?

Some obvious things to eliminate first though… are you definitely running the workflow as a logged in User (as per your conditional)?

Are you definitely checking the correct User data to see if it is or isn’t working?

If you’re sure about those things then I’d run the debugger to see exactly what’s going on.

Or feel free to share more info here…

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Hi @adamhholmes !

Sorry I didn’t give details about the concern. Well, basically data is not saving. But to give you some information, this is how I am designing the workflow:

1. A repeating group from another page (employee) lists all employees. When the edit button is clicked, it opens a popup that is suppose to confirm the edit action (for foolproofing).

2. Popup redirects/ navigates to another page - which is supposed to be an update/edit page for editing the information about the employee.

3. When information is updated/ edited, button is suppose to save the new information.

Hi there, @janernestgo… a couple of thoughts come to mind… are you sure you are sending the user from the popup to the next page? In other words, from your initial post, does the parent group have a user? Also, are your sure your privacy rules allow for modifying the fields in question (or any fields, for that matter)?


@mikeloc I suspect that there is a sending data issue in a popup of another page (popup of employee page) and the edit page of another page (update employee profile page).

For example, in the popup, I select employee A to be edited/updated. When the page is navigated to the update employee profile page, I am not sure if the system still understands it that employee A is being updated.

Though, I have inspected all the groups (for responsive purpose) in the landing page which is the update employee profile page, it seems that all containers/groups have data source as “parent group’s user”.

As Adam suggested in his response, have you checked the debugger? I’m guessing that the parent group’s user is empty, and the debugger would show that. If you share some screenshots of your workflows, that might help, too.

@mikeloc I am not familiar how the debugger works, still learning it to be frank. Though if I understand your reply particularly about the parent group’s user is empty. I can see this one:

Yup, the parent group doesn’t have a user, so the page can’t display existing data for the user nor does it know which user to update when the save button is clicked.

I have already made all containers/group content’s as users, with data sources as parents group’s user. Does this mean that amongst the containers/groups, maybe there is one group/container that still has a blank data source, and/or blank type of content?

At the top level how are you defining the User?

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Hi @adamhholmes I think this is the top level container/group, the type of content is user but I could not find the “parent group’s user”. Unlike other containers/groups nested inside this top level group.

It should not be current user since, I want to select another employee w/in the RG of the other page (employee page).

yes you are right.
For example, in the popup, I select employee A to be edited/updated. When the page is navigated to the update employee profile page, I am not sure if the system still understands it that employee A is being updated.
In order to make system understand you have to send data to that editing page from the edit button

Hi @waseemahm11011 This is a popup from “employee page”. When I click “continue to update employee profile”, this redirects me to the “update employee profile page”. To continue w/ the same data, will that be part of the workflow?

This is the workflow of the “continue to update employee profile” button. I cannot see any option send the data of the employee being updated/edited, that can be sent to the other page “update employee profile page”.

You need to tell the workflows on the ‘update employee profile page’ which User you’re trying to update (the ‘system’ won’t understand anything unless you tell it)…

So one way or another you need to pass the data from your Employee page popup to the Update Employee Profile page…

The simplest way to do it is to make sure the Update User Employee page’s content type is set to User. Then all you have to do is ‘send’ the User data in the workflow you use to navigate from the popup, using ‘Data to send’, and setting the specific User there.

Then on the second page you can just refer to the Current Page’s User.

Alternatively you can use query parameters (assigned when navigating to the second page), and then use ‘Get Data From URL’ on the second page to retrieve the User from the URL.

The first option is simpler, and probably the correct method for this use-case, but both are possible depending on what is best for your app.

@adamhholmes Thank you for your advice. I have implemented the changes in the popup button , and instead of simply navigating to the “update employee profile page”, I added send data.

Next, I changed the content type of the landing page (update employee profile page) itself


I then inspected each containers/groups, just to make sure that they are all aligned, especially the data source as “parent group’s user”. After making these changes, data is still not changed/saved.

You must be making a mistake somewhere then…

But without more info it will be hard for anyone to guess where…

If you can’t work out for yourself using the debugger where your error lies, then the quickest way for someone to identify the problem will be if they can take al look at your app to see where you’re going wrong.

So feel free to share a read-only link to your editor in here if you’d like someone to take a look…

@adamhholmes Thank you for your advice. I am checking the debugger. Right now I see, I think the popup is now correct. Because the button to redirect to the other page, seems that it has “data to send”. But that data (parent group’s user) is not being received/accepted by the landing page.

Under the landing page “update employee profile page”, I noticed that one of the main groups/container’s source is blank. However, I cannot find “parent group’s user”, instead I can only see current page user, and current user. How should I resolve this?

Current Page User