Count is functioning per created data/ thing, shout be all data in same database

So as you can see, every created official business form is created in the same database. However, I noticed that the count works by counting per user per application.

This is contrary to what I want to happen since they all create official business (thing) in one database. What I like to happen is to count regardless of user.

I am looking to use this expression. But I am not putting any constraint so it should be applied to all.
Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 7.09.07 PM

Hi there, @janernestgo… the first thing that comes to mind for me on this one is privacy rules. Got any rules in place on the official business data type that would prohibit things from being returned in the search and counted?


Hi Mike!

Yes there are privacy rules in place. This is because we only want:

  1. User roles to see their own data.
  2. Supervisor/ Manger roles to see their own AND their subordinates’ data under department.

Okay, then that’s probably the issue. If you are locking data down via privacy rules, certain things aren’t being returned in searches based on the current user’s permissions and, therefore, those things won’t be included in the count.

Thank you @mikeloc as always!

But how do I meet both objectives if privacy is locking the data? On one end, I need to consolidate the count for all data in the database, but on the other end, I still need privacy to work.

How about creating a separate database for count alone?

You could do that… or you could consider adding a count field on the official business data type, and you could update that field via a backend workflow that is set up to ignore privacy rules.

You could also consider changing your privacy rules to allow everyone else to find the things in searches but not view any of the associated fields.

I have a field that is intended for the count, I call it Official Business Form No… My intention here is that everytime data is created, regardless of user and department, it should sequentially generate a number.

To make your second suggestion work, do you mean to say that I have to set up another privacy rule?

Oh, right… my bad… you do already have that field.

No, that’s not what I am saying. You could change the “everyone else” section of the relevant privacy rule(s) to allow everyone else to find the things in searches.

Thanks Mike! So basically, this is what I did following your recommendation. Let me see if this will work properly.

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Hi @mikeloc I think it now works!

Regardless of users, departments, count is now generating the serial # of official business forms.

Thank you as always!

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