My dashboard don't want to read the count of users except 1 only

Hello, I have a strange situation in my bubble app, and despite my best efforts, nothing has helped. I have a list of roles data field in my user data type, and when I run a flow after a user signs up, it adds a guest role for him. In my custom dashboard, however, when I search for user count, it only displays the admin user; none of the other users are displayed. and when i tried to add admin role to another user for testing it didn’t read it too , it act like reading just one user data , can anyone help me please , i appreciate

how are you doing a search for users?

Hi there, @mahmoudammar… the issue could be related to privacy rules, specifically the default rule on the User data type. So, check out that link and see if it helps.


yes you are right it was a privacy rule issue , but i need help with configuring privacy rules to my app , i tried to do with myself but it mess up , my app just portal for ai tools , videos and blog and my user just signup to get latest updates , what privacy rules should i apply to protect my user data and to prevent any user from seeing other users infor, and i don’t have in my app any way for contact between users , it is just for me

Nobody can tell you what your privacy rules should be because nobody knows exactly how your app is set up and how it works. You should learn as much as you can about privacy rules and then configure the rules as needed for your app.

Here’s how I like to do it:

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