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Count Thing after Server Side Workflow executes

I am getting a weird issue where I call a server side workflow which sends out some emails via sendgrid and for each it updates a record field to yes, so that we know it has been sent out.

I then have a workflow on the page to refresh the count of entries (thing) where the field is set to “no”. Strangely it returns the same number before the server side workflow was run, even though I know it has completed sending the emails and updating the record.

Is it doing some local caching of data? How can I get it to give me the correct count without having to refresh the page?

you can go to workflows and click empty box and “do every 5 seconds” and tell it every 1 second to set a state eg “do a search for things where field is no: count”. this value you display on a text.

bubble just does the count once ie on page load for many things (not repeating groups afaik)