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Does do every 5 seconds count repeatedly against my workflow count

Building a chat application and I need to run this check to see if any new messages are posted to alert the recipients. I’m using check every 5 seconds which means if a page is left up it could run continuously. Just curious as to how this will count against the workflow caps.

a bit related question:

it just came to me that I could implement loops that are missing from Bubble using timer events and a guarding condition to control the start and end of the loop. Question is, does the event condition’s repeated calculation (to see if the timer event will fire or not) count as workflow execution?

Each workflow that contains data/server operations will count, so it depends on what your workflow does. But it’s easy to test, just use the Logs Tab.

aha, was searching for where it is showing such info. I’d expect on the app’s box in the dashboard to have an icon that opens up a popup to tell you resources you’ve consumed this month and remaining ones for your current plan. And also a button at that popup suggesting to upgrade if you’re near or above limit

btw, it would be better to have URLs like

instead of

(aka named tabs)

I have a similar situation where I’m checking an external API to see if there are any new records every 5 seconds. I’ve noticed that workflow count is going up very fast (used about 4000 after letting it sit for a few hours) but I’ve only actually retrieved data for maybe 20 new records. Is this the expected behavior and if so, is there a way to structure it so it only counts against my total if there are new records that get retrieved from the external API? For context, I’m using Airtable and comparing the most recent record I have in Bubble with the most recent I have in Airtable and if Airtable has a newer record, I grab it.


Yes, it does count. Maybe you can only check when the user clicks a button? that would be the best way to avoid this. Otherwise, there’s not much we can do to be honest (but we have an unlimited plan).

Ok, fair enough, thanks for the quick reply!