Users Logged In - Count in real time

Hi all

Searched the forum but couldn’t find anything on this.

How can I see how many users are logged in and using my app in real-time? Something similar to Google Analytics “real time users right now” count.

Has anyone set this up for their app?

Thanks for the help!

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See @AliFarahat’s plugin, discussed in the thread below:

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Thanks for the quick reply! Will check it out now.

Hmm I’m getting this error when I try to fork the plugin


@AliFarahat I’m encountering the above message, anything I’m doing wrong?

Are you familiar with installing plugins within Bubble applications? (From the plugins tab). That’s where you should look to install this, not via Github (unless you’re looking to retool it).

Whoa, yea I’ve got several Plugins installed, this was the first time I’ve ever landed on a page requesting to fork. I guess when I clicked the link directly from your linked post it took me there.

Got it squared out now, thanks!

Hey @dan1 just got this baby up and running, were you able to get it to return the actual count of users logged in right now? Similar to this on Google Analytics:


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Haven’t used the plugin myself. Keep in mind that you may want to use multiple devices for testing (ie. your phone and a computer. It may not capture the nuance of logging in and out of different accounts or different browsers on the same device).

I don’t believe I have a GitHub repository for it. I can set one up if you like?

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