Counting views in repeating groups

I’m showing elements from the repeating group one by one. That is when the user clicks next then the data from the next cell is shown.
Any ideas how i can count number of views for each cell?
Page load event won’t help because the views happen without the page being reloaded.
Clicking on next won’t help either because not always that button will be clicked. Maybe the user will leave the page from that cell without clicking on next but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t see it.

Not sure we have a good answer to that one. let us think about it.

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Any ideas Emmanuel?
Maybe you could enable a workflow “when data from current cell is shown” or something like that, which would make the page view count possible?

How about on page load, only increment the first view. When the next button is pressed, increment the new view that is being presented.

Hey Scott!
it worked - excellent idea, thanks! :smile:
I thought about it before but then I decided that it would not be possible to modify repeating groups’ data from page load event but after your suggestion I gave it a try and it wasn’t really difficult :smile:
Thanks again

would you please explain how you did this, or show some screenshots of your expressions?

sure, here is a screenshot


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thanks man!

Hi @levon

Do you know how to count views of a repeating group cell using JavaScript? As mentioned in the forum post below.

I am using an ext. vertical scrolling group that loads as I scroll, I don’t use any next buttons so I can’t use your method as mentioned above.

I would really appreciate your advice or suggestions. I look forward to your reply.

we will build a plugin that would detect whether it enters user’s viewport. It will be also possible to install this plugin in the repeating group so whenever each cell becomes visible the plugin will change the state and that can trigger any workflow.
Given the procedure to publish paid plugins in Bubble it would take about 2-3 weeks until it’s available in the marketplace.

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That sounds great, just what I need. Will the plugin also be able to track the unique ID for each cell? Because in my use case I need to assign the quantity views to each unique ID.

I look forward to the launch of this plugin. I will definitely use it.

Thank you

Since you’ll be able to insert the plugin into the repeating group, you will be able to modify each cell separately using the workflow and referring to “current cell’s…”

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@levon looking forward to it!

so we have built this plugin that allows the above implementation, please check it out here