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Counts a list of applications

Hello im creating a landing page/online saas application

The application is solely based on whether or not a business is registered with a yes or no, despite there also being other inputs.

  1. I created a admin dashboard to review/approve or decline applications, how do I transfer the list of applications to a repeating group, and search each application based on the data fields (City, business category, name, etc)

  2. How do I also create a separate list for businesses that didn’t qualify so I can keep them as a reference record so they arent any NEW applications by them

So I’m assuming you have an “application” data type.

If so, you should add an “applicationStatus” option set (values: in review, approved, denied).
When someone submits an application, you create the application entry and give it a status of “in review.”

On your admin dashboard, have a repeating group that looks for all applications where status = in review. To filter, you can have dropdown values etc and apply search constraints on the repeating group (Ex: business category = dropdown businessCategory’s value).

For separate lists, you can just create another repeating group that searches for applications with a constraint : status = denied.

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