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So you still have to pay for courses as a previous customer or am I missing something here?

They’re totally free for early customers! Reach out to [email protected] if you need more help. :+1:

This is reaching out. Please explain how bubblers who paid for instructional videos prior to your reboot can access videos they paid for.

Hey @proust007,

You’re definitely missing something here! All they have to do is click ‘Add to Library’ next to any course in the Education platform and it’s theirs. Applicable users received an email explaining the change and next steps prior to launch too. It seems like you specifically need more help, which is why you should reach out directly via email. We try to keep our posts clear of one-on-one conversations so Bubblers can get to the content they’re looking for with minimal skimming.

I hope that makes sense to you now. :wink:

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Mastering APIs

An up-close look at what exactly APIs are, the mechanics behind integrating using documentation, how they’re helpful for building more complex applications and integrating with external services to extend your own.

  • Introduction (1 minutes)
  • Requests (16 minutes)
  • Parameters (9 minutes)
  • Response (11 minutes)
  • Client-Side (11 minutes)
  • Server-Side (9 minutes)
  • Actions (33 minutes)
  • Webhooks (9 minutes)
  • API Workflows (15 minutes)
  • Next Steps (4 minutes)

If you’d like APIs to be an intimidating term no more, you might find this course to be a great fit!

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Plugin Development

An demystifying look at what makes up a Bubble plugin, how to build them using the Plugin Editor and a brief overview of JavaScript to bring everything together. Get building plugins for yourself and the community.

  • Overview (1 minutes)
  • Plugin Editor (26 minutes)
  • Importing (9 minutes)
  • JavaScript (20 minutes)
  • Elements: Fields (7 minutes)
  • Elements: States (8 minutes)
  • Elements: Events (5 minutes)
  • Elements: Actions (17 minutes)
  • Elements: Functions I (20 minutes)
  • Elements: Functions II (22 minutes)
  • Elements: Publish State (12 minutes)
  • Elements: Trigger Event (6 minutes)
  • Elements: Conditions (10 minutes)
  • APIs: Calls and Responses (12 minutes)
  • Actions: Fields and Code (13 minutes)
  • Next Steps (5 minutes)

If you’re looking for an up-close look at plugin development with some exposure to JavaScript, give this a go!

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Hi Salar,

I’m liking your content so far - however, some constructive criticism:

  1. Invest in a decent podcast microphone, or lapel mic so that your audio is crystal clear. Audio is 50% of the experience with video, and it is letting the high standard of your visual content down.

  2. On your main website, do not gate your “taster” content behind sign up. I should have checked out your courses when I first signed up to Bubble earlier this year, but I didn’t because I naturally refrain from signing up to any service that gates content which helps me assess whether I want to pursue a subscription or buy services. You should definitely aim to provide more content up front without requiring users to login or sign up first.

  3. “Archive” your previous courses. It’s a shame that your previous videos are not available to new members, as even though Authentication / Email Campaigns / Transactional Emails / Push Notifications “may be outdated” or follow a previous format, I would still like to see these videos (if they exist). Naturally it would be wise to provide a ‘no-support’ disclaimer on these videos, as if they are outdated, inexperienced users may find them confusing.

  4. Video improvements. Presently, watching your videos on an iMac 5K are painful as they cannot be resized or full-screened. My temporary work around is to Picture in Picture, and resize the video to 1/4 the display. It helps, but I ended up having to inspect element to get the Vimeo source so that I could play the video full screen. Enabling full screen would be really helpful for those of us with slightly bigger screens.

  5. Video feature request. Not sure if this is possible with Vimeo, but enabling the Left and Right keys to skip 10 seconds in the videos would be really helpful for those of us who wish to skip parts of the lesson we’re already familiar with. In addition, if chaptering was supported, this would be useful so that we can navigate to sections of the video we want to learn about. For example you have a 30 minute + video on Data, but I just want to get to the part where “Data Types” are explained.

Aside from that, what you are doing is great, and I genuinely enjoy the pace you deliver content. I can see that you’re currently working towards bringing this former content back online - and I’m looking forward to supporting you.

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Hey @universe,

We certainly appreciate the feedback, and strive to improve the experience of all our products everyday. :slight_smile:

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User Analytics

A hands-on understanding and implementation of analytics to gain insight into your application. From exploring script-based to event-based solutions, learn more about analytics and how they can optimize your platform.

  • Overview (1 minutes)
  • Google Analytics (35 minutes)
  • Mixpanel (53 minutes)
  • Segment (24 minutes)
  • Next Steps (6 minutes)

If you’ve always known the importance of analytics but never explored how to get started, give this a go!

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Text Messaging and Calls

Open another channel of communicating, notifying and engaging with your users through text messages and calls. Learn to send and receive calls and text messages, as well as build two-way messaging systems.

  • Overview (1 minutes)
  • Phone Numbers (4 minutes)
  • Inbound Voice Calls (4 minutes)
  • Inbound Text Messages (3 minutes)
  • Outbound Text Messages (5 minutes)
  • Outbound Voice Calls (4 minutes)
  • Two-Way Messaging (12 minutes)
  • Next Steps (2 minutes)

Text messages still have a higher read-rate than emails, so give them a shot to help you improve engagement.

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Hi, I agree with @universe regarding the gated content… I do find it a little obnoxious that I have to give you my email even before I see ANYTHING that you have to offer… from your posts here I believe I would be interested but this sterile login page is really putting me off… I see no incentive to sign up on your landing page, no teaser or sample video… my reasoning is « why should you get my email when I get nothing? »…
just my 2 cents here… please make it so that I WANT to give you email… :wink:

Hey @marj,

Thanks for the feedback! You may have noticed, all of products tend to shy away from marketing exactly what they are and there’s a good reason for it. We have much to do going into next year, and certainly beyond. :slight_smile:

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Platform Payments

The definitive guide on understanding and implementing a secure payment structure into your application, enabled by the Stripe architecture. Collecting payments, managing subscriptions, paying sellers and more.

  • Overview (1 minutes)
  • Authentication (3 minutes)
  • Customers (17 minutes)
  • Tokenization (15 minutes)
  • Cards (10 minutes)
  • Charges (12 minutes)
  • Balances (6 minutes)
  • Subscriptions (14 minutes)
  • Sellers: Creation & Identification (12 minutes)
  • Sellers: Bank Accounts & Charges (17 minutes)
  • Sellers: Transfers (13 minutes)
  • Sellers: Payouts (8 minutes)
  • Next Steps (2 minutes)

Start implementing secure and scalable payment solutions into your applications quickly and with confidence.

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Hi @copilot, is your website still active? I am looking to build a venmo like experience and seeking resources on how to do it. I’m new to, and would like to find out how to set up the data structure to represent transactions internally (like venmo does with their venmo dollars), as well as integrating transaction fees, etc.

Would the lesson on platform payments cover that, or is that more in terms of a marketplace app that deals with a traditional sale, and not a community based concept.

Let me know!

Hey @marktuff,

The Platform Payments course is geared towards building both point-of-sale and marketplace platforms. Since the course material is based on Stripe, you’ll learn all about the Stripe architecture so you could branch off into your own implementation of it’s features. You’re welcome to create an account and take a look at the courses available! If things get too difficult along the way, booking a Session to get some one-on-one help is always an option. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response!

Hmmm, and you would then consider Venmo a POS app then? Is there anything in the course material that would allude to internal platform trading of fictitious units of account, sort of like how Venmo has Venmo dollars that can be traded (pre-cashout).

@marktuff, we can definitely explore a course dedicated to virtual currency. :slight_smile:

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Hi @copilot,
i just bought and watch your Pre-Dev vids and I’m a bit deceived I must say. I was expecting way more details, advice, good practices on how to plan my app dev, how to think and structure my data, databases and logic between them. I was thrilled to see you started using Sketch to actually sketch database and logic but it lasted 30 seconds and you quickly started building that food ordering app and create workflows.
So I still don’t know where to start or how to start on the right foot. I need a bird eye view on how to structure my project, create my product dev roadmap and my work process.
Diving straight into building an app rather than teaching ‘how to plan and prepare ANY kind of app dev’ seems to be a common problem with bubble courses.
If you have any resources I could look into for that particular matter that’d be amazing (even not directly linked to Bubble, something more general on how to plan/manage product/app dev).

Also, where are your older vids? I could really be interested in Social Login, Referrals, Payments, Marketplace, etc.

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Hey @matthieu.b,

We certainly appreciate the feedback - it helps us more than you think! As more resources become available to Bubblers, we’ve seen a significant advancement in knowledge and desire to learn in Bubblers than months past. In light of this, we’ll keep pushing new material including those from the earlier version of the product and aim to update more dated ones such as that which you mentioned. :slight_smile:

Just for reference purposes, will these be added to courses that we have purchased or be additional courses? Taking the Data structuring example above, will you continue to build upon the two videos for those that have purchased them and are looking for a specific implementation that falls in the realm of the vids or are you looking at having a v.2 that will be sold separately?