New Bubble Course

I’m thinking about building a new course. I currently have a free Udemy course out there related to Bubble:

Would anyone be interested in learning more about Bubble? If so:

  1. What format - Tips and tricks, Complete Applications? Full course on Bubble topics?

  2. What questions / problems are you trying to resolve? (UI/UX, API, Payment?)

  3. Any other feedback that could help shape this new Course?



I’d love to learn more. Specifically, it would be great to have training on APIs and some of the plug ins, such as charts and full calendar. I think any format would do because right now there just isn’t that much documentation on these things.

For me personally, I’m struggling with trying to integrate users’ Google Analytics.


I would like to have a more technical understanding of how things are working under the hood. For example, when should I use searches and when should I use links? Are link tables the right way to go?

Then I’d also like to know more about APIs and any other advanced topics.


thanks for the feedback

I second the API’s and plugins. Also things like :last item, :item, :count, etc


make a course you build a taxi cab like uber or olacabs of india
and ola seems best and lets learn and buy your course and see how bubble magic works if that is possible

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In agreeing with the previous post, how about actually building an app that we can see how payments work when vendors have variable pricing depending on what is selected from that vendor?

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I would be very grateful if you could explain the database structure on bubble. The difference between type and field, field is a list? Can you also explain how the workflow works? And maybe go into details on what you can do on data (thing), Element Action and Custom Events with examples!


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Ok.great feedback

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A kind of family community, almost like FB but in minor scale of course
login, password, recover password
different rooms where to post (Vegas-family, honolulu-family, Texas-family, etc)
The rooms can be public, closed (only invitation, but you can search for them), and secret groups (shows not by searching)
A post can show text, links, jpg, gif, video (or just link to a video if video is too complicated)
posts can be replayed, the author of every post can edit it
emojis for every post if the author (visitor writing) like
Own page so the user can presentate himself for others
users can write to each other
users can block each other

It does´t need to be a video or course, it could be a ready to use app that you can sell. Kind of Twitter-alike but more FB than Twitter. I could think of buying stuff like that.
I have really no idea why the text above got so big, sorry!