COVID-19 Apps on

Has anyone come across any cool apps using Bubble to help in the fight against the COVID19 Virus?



Not on Bubble, but I created this over the weekend in less than an hour. For UK parents are in lockdown.

Glide + Gsheet. Adding in a Google form tomorrow so people can submit their recommendations.


I myself created with help from the community


Very nice, sir :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I hear a lot each day from around the world.

I worked with @shawngibson on
He’s created a resource for parents who are looking for new ways to entertain their kids during the crisis.

Wow! the apps are out there!

We created Chatter 365 using Bubble. Has some interesting Covid features that we are racing to implement. Still a work in progress but you can check us out at

This site looks nice! Did you use Bubble to create the landing page or did you use a WYSIWYG website builder and then use Bubble for the workflows?

That looks like the interface was built on bubble to me.

But if anyone wants to create a tool, @bubble still has the special COVID-19 plan!