Craiglist like listing + user registration

Hello - newbie here. I’m trying to create a listing service similar to Craigslist where I can create a listing and also sign the user up in the same flow. For some reason, once the user is logged in, the listing details are not pulling up in the profile and I think I’m making an error in the “create a new thing” flow, but unsure.

Here are some pics of the flow:

  1. Creating a listing (list of properties already rented):

  2. Work flow to create listing:

  3. Screenshot of “create a new thing” from the flow above. I think something is up with how I’m setting up User.

  4. Screenshot of user dashboard post login - the details of this rented unit are not pulling from the database.

  5. Screenshot of database set up:

Would appreciate any help with figuring out how to correctly link the user with the data type (already-rented) so that the details show in the user dashboard. Also, would like to know how to reserve only 1 entry per email address (and a user can have only 1 email).

Thanks much!

Hi! Can you share a screenshot of the design page for this dashboard view? It doesn’t look like you have elements in place to pull the data from the new already-rented thing. If you do and they’re just not displaying, it would be helpful to see how you have them set up and what data they’re looking for.


Hey mate, how are you?

Is the person signing up the current user? Or are they creating an account for someone else?

It looks like you are “creating an account for another user” but not the “current user” then when creating “already-rented” you are assigning that to the “current user” but the current user does not have a profile or isnt signed up yet.

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Can you show us the repeating group you are showing the “already-rented” list in and what the blue writing says?

Hi everyone - thank you for your responses so far. Attached is the screenshot of the repeating group.

I think the issue lies with setting up the account for another user and then assigning “already-rented” to a current user. But I’m not sure how to proceed.

Should I just update the flow to “sign the user up”? But it seems like that requires a password?

Thanks again for all the help!

Hello - uploaded the screenshot below.

Hi! I’ve uploaded screenshots below!

This is what I think it is too mate, you might have to add a password input. Let me ask you, are your users going to have profiles within the app to then store, display, add new rentals and stuff like that?

Same here. I think the reason why the “listings” are not showing on the user’s dashboard is because you created the account for them. You need to let users create their account via a signup/sign in workflow.

You might also want to consider optimizing your DB structure.

I ended up switching to “sign the user up”, optimized my DB structure a bit and changed the flow, but still having issues. I am able to sign the user up and create a new thing but am unable to pull details of that thing up on another page when the user is logged in. Adding updated screenshots below:

  1. Adding data and signing user up:

  1. After email is verified:

  2. Data not showing up (ignore the buttons, they need to be deleted):

  3. Updated database:


I’m basically following the same flow as craigslist (at least trying to!) - sign user up, add a listing to the database, verify email, and view the listing the user entered on the first page.

Thanks again for the help!

Ended up changing the flow but still having issues - I’ve included new screenshots below.

Thanks! Ended up changing the flow but still having issues - I’ve included new screenshots below.

I’m not quite understanding the “current page apartment-details’s…” set up but am thinking maybe you want to select it as “current user’s apartment-details’s…” instead? Will a user have more than one entry for this?

I guess the question is if the apartment-details info is attached to the PAGE or to the USER and then try pulling it that way.

I managed to fix it!! Thank you for the help!!

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