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Repeating groups => Full list?

I’m having some trouble with a list of “listings rented”. Basically, i want users to see a sequential list of their most recently rented properties.

The best way to describe it is with an image, so here it is:

The way my app is set up is that the listings (which contain the house names, dates rented, and how many nights rented) has a thing called “rented on” and is a list of dates. When it’s successfully rented, the dates are added to the list. is this the right architecture and i’m displaying it wrong? or incorrect architecture?

thank you!

I might think about having a separate “thing” called Rents (or something less dumb sounding). A “Rent” would have a property, a date, number of nights, etc. That way you won’t be adding multiple “rented on” dates for a specific property, you’d have distinct entries for each time you rented. Does that make sense?

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yeah, it makes sense. I was hoping to avoid creating another thing, but it looks like thats the best way. thanks

Just a thought, but are you creating a data type such as a receipt/confirmation when something gets rented?

If so then display this list using the Receipt’s date, and if not then I believe adding it as a data type could be beneficial for not only helping see most recently rented information, but also for general record keeping of dates of and reasons for payment for you as an admin, the buyer and the seller

Does “rented on” also have the number of nights ?

That is when things get tricky, multiple lists that are related because of position within that list.

But if it is on there, can you have your repeating group displaying “rented on” instead of “listing” ? And then pull the address from the parent ?

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the rented on was just an example to illustrate my issue. I ended up creating a new thing, as recommended above. seems to be working as expected. thanks!