Create a bulk of Things once

I would like to know how can i create a list of things once.
I saw some articles where they suggest to use API, but i dont undestand how.
Can someone help please?

Your best option is probably to use recursive workflows to run the creation of Things in a loop. This article explains how that works.

But it all depends on exactly what you want to achieve. Can you share some more details?

Hi Petter,
I have a list of candidates and want to create a list of employees from the candidates list.
I have the following two datatypes with their respective fields:

  • Candidate (user, vacancy, etc)
  • Employee(Candidate, Start_Date, etc)

So, I have a Candidate Repeating Group, from where I select those who are approved to be part of the staff and automatically create a Selected List of candidates approved. I have a approve button, that once clicked i want to create the employee list on the database from my selected candidates’s list.
The problem is that I don’t find that option on bubble.

The looper or orchestra plugins would work for this

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Hi Jared,
How can i use the looper plugin, in this case.
I’ve got no idea on how to start.

Can you give me an example please.

Thanks @jared.gibb .
It’s worked. I used the looper plugin.

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Which database are you using? Bubble dB?