Create a chart to see new members by month

So I’m trying to create a simple line or bar chart to show me how many new members I gained each month. Basically I want to have the last 12 months along the bottom, and then count how many members started in each one of those. I plan to do this based off a User field “Member Since” which is a date field.

When using the Line/Bar Chart the only option of expression it gives me is a number field, but I don’t want to use that field.

Is there a way to do this?

Did I put this in the wrong help group? Anyone an expert on charts?

Hi there, @eric10… if I understand your post correctly, I believe something like this would do the trick.

Oh, and make sure any privacy rules you have in place on the User data type don’t conflict with the search and/or access to the member since field.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you for the response. I’m not able to select the Value Expression you have.

Side note I decided to go with Membership Data Field instead of Users, and there the start date is listed as Membership)start_date instead of Member_since.

Anytime I select Current Points in Value Expression it auto adds Membership_start_date, and it’s red and I can’t add count after that.

Have you added the count aggregation in the Group By dialog (refer to the left side of my screenshot)?

I missed that. You make this stuff look so easy. Is there anyway to make it show the number of new members when you hover over it instead of the date?

It is showing the number of new members… it’s 11, right?

Sorry, can you get it to just show without the date. Just so it’s clearer. I can see the date below.

Yes, check these two boxes.

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