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Line bar chart - Another showcase example


Grouping works, but we are here perhaps due to the next level, or perhaps previous that i can’t find.

As now we display how many users are created profile (in this very case) per month, i would like to display total number of profiles per month, which is that each month counts previous month number of ‘created user profiles’ + the current number of created profiles?

So that the ‘Line’ graph creates upwards and growth feeling, compared to know which is more or less up and down.

Thanks! Regards, Toni

See this thread. May be helpful

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Have done exactly the same, and it works! Thanks a lot!

One follow up question:
graph example bubble

On the photo we can see live numbers (in this case of newsletter subscribers) and than below the graph with the same ‘search for data’, i think graph doesn’t show the latest month’s data, or something like that.

Would you know about that?

P.s. as there are more of graphs with different data, it has the same “data missing” effect.

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