Create a complex map


I’ve been collecting information on how I can build the map with all UK boroughs and crime rates.

Can you help me understand how I could add all of this information onto a heat map like this:

Here we can find all the shapes for every UK borough:

The population numbers for each borough are on the excel sheet I sent you on slack and I believe I would have to upload all of that data into bubble’s database. I thought that all of this data would be implemented in Bubble by adding APIs but some of the information is on excel sheets so the way to upload it must be different.

And here we have all the crime count:

I’ve been asking for help from No Code Coaching Apps and they suggested I look at Mapbox but I’m not really sure how that works and they say it might require a bit of code.
They also told me that I have to gather all the data and APIs before they can help me any further.
I’m getting their help in case I cannot do all of this alone. But its only a last resort because of the high costs.

Vito from Leafy suggested drawing the boroughs myself and add colour patterns to them.

I really need help creating this map. It has proven to be a very hard challenge even for more experience bubblers, so you might understand how frustrating it must be for a beginner like me.

How do you suggest I do all of this?

Thank you so much for all your help, @boston85719

I would suggest getting the boundaries into the database so that you might be able to start with one part which would be having the boundaries drawn on a map…I believe I saw @vini_brito mentioned the likely need to support the further development of the leafy plugin to get it ready to handle all of your needs with the coloring aspect…not sure if there may be a way to utilize the list shifter plugin to iterate over the boundary list you would have in the database to draw those boundaries without having to expand the capabilities of the leafy maps plugin.

Of course, Vini would know more of what is possible using the leafy maps plugin and what is not, the what might not be possible is to easily track and reference the crime data within the boundaries according to the crime levels.

There may also be a google maps plugin that could do something. I would suggest checking out the map plugins currently available in the marketplace and see if any have the features you require.

If they don’t and what coaching no code apps is telling you that it would require some code, your best bet would be to work with Vini on getting the leafy maps plugin features expanded to do what you need.

One of the things with developing apps on Bubble, is that sometimes it is necessary to get custom plugins built for your specific needs when a plugin doesn’t exist that can do it, or to get somebody to write the code you would need to achieve those goals, and investing in that assistance. It is great if Bubble already has a plugin that can do it, but if not, the best part about Bubble is how flexible it is in allowing the no-code platform incorporate code into some expanded features a specific app may need.


Thank you so much @boston85719
I will do whatever is necessary to make it work. :slight_smile:

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