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I’m trying to create this page: Crime rates in Chiswick Common Road, London, W4 1RS - CrystalRoof
Do you think it is possible to do so here in Bubble without knowing any code?
Or do you suggest I should try other platforms like Webflow or Adalo?

Thank you so much,


Hi there @joana,

I think this is definitely possible in Bubble. You’ll just need to use an external API to grab the data for the appropriate elements.

Hello Johnny. Thank you for your quick reply.
I’ve never worked with API’s before. Do you know of any resource that could be useful for me to learn? I’ve been trying to get the API from this website but I don’t know what I should be collecting or where in specific should I be looking.

Hey there @joana,

I’m not the best at explaining API things, but this is the page you’ll need: Police API Documentation |

Maybe @Jici might be able to help out with this one?

This API Doesn’t request authentication, so you can set none to authentication part.
If there’s no parameters to set, you will be able to use a GET request to the endpoint

If they have parameters to set, better to use a POST (I think they support get too, but it’s limited on length)

Get force should be a Data (Forget to switch)
Most of the calls should be Data because you are not doing an action on the API like Create, update or delete data

Thank you so much! It worked!

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