Create a Customs State with only some collumns from another Customs State

Hello dear Bubble Team Expert,

I have a Customs State (Data) with data coming from an SQL Request with data like:
ID, FirstName, LastName, Tel, Address, Country, …

Now, the user has the option to select only for exemple : ID, Country.

I need to store the selection in a Customs State (DataSelected)

In programming I would something like:
“DataSelected” = Select From Array “Data” (columns ID if VariableID is YES ; columns Country if VariabelCountry is YES, …)

Any Idea how I can do that on Bubble ?
Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

You can set a custom state to any specific value from your API object (as long as it’s the correct type)… but it’s far more useful to store the object itself…

Hello Adam,

Thanks for your reply.
It’s the case, for my first Customs State (Data)

but I don’t see how I can create another custom State with ONLY some API Object that I would have selected.