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I feel that maybe this topic has already been, but I need to ask, because I can’t find any info about it so:
I have a free account on Bubble and I’ve started to build my first app. But I’m wondering if it is worthless, because, I can’t find any informations about how to add an app to the website or appstore, or Play store by Google, I can’t find where the code is generated, can it even be seen?

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app to the website? The app is the website… Bubble is for creating web apps. So its the same thing. You publish you app and the url will show you your app.

You can use a wrapper to create an android or ios app. Or you can create a native app and use Bubble as the backend. Dropsource is good for that.

If you couldnt find anything on the forum I really wonder what keywords you used!

Thanks for answer!
What is wrapper and how can use it?
And last question - I’ve checked the tutorial, and Bubble shows an ad on the bottom of an app. How can I remove it?

keywords: adding, bubble ios/android, installing on ios/android, app on appstore, also theres nothing on FAQ about it, or maybe i am retarded : D

If you are on a paid plan, the banner is removed

Here you find more information about native apps.

However, if you are planning to only create a native app it may be better to look at dropsource first before you invest your time in building something in Bubble. Bubble is at its core a web app builder not a mobile app builder.

thank You for that, this will solve my problems