Create a list of items based on a API GET request in a custom plugin

Hi everybody,

I am new on and I have to say it’s a great discovery! I love the way it works here. I took the personal plan to schedule API workflow but I cannot figure out how it works! I watched video and read many topics on the forum but still I cant find it. I must be stupid I guess :crazy_face:

Anyway, I created an API myself that I store on Azure which returns me a list of tasks in a JSON format, with a title and a boolean indicating if it’s done or not. Simple.

I created a plugin to be able to call it from my Bubble app. I am using the todo bubble app given during the lessons.

I added a button update. I want this button to call the API, and create a list of items with the title for each todoItem.
I created an EndPoint called updateTasks which parameter is a list of tasks :

Then in step one I set up the call to my plugin which is storing a list of titles:

Then I want to use this variable apiTitles to create a list of tasks, but I cannot access it in the list.
What do I do wrong?

I also have the impressions all this is pretty complicated for such a basic task. Is it normal?

Thanks in advance