Create a list of things from a list of text (repeating group)

Hi guys. I’m struggling a lot…

I downloaded a plugin that lets me display (store) text in a repeating group. Type something in Input A, press a button and it displays in the repeating group (current cell’s text)

Now the reason why I’m displaying text is because 1. the ‘‘thing’’ is not created yet, and 2. it’s unknown how many potential people (in this case closers) are in the company.

I want to create a workflow that takes the current cell’s text and creates a thing (obviously the data type has many fields but for this I just need the first name). The issue I’m having is that the repeating group is of type text and when I try to point to the current cell, it only gives me an option ‘‘RepeatingGroup text’s List of text’’.

So when I press the button it creates the closer but the first name is all of those 3 (example: Josh, James, Mike). I need to create just one, meaning I created 3 closers with individual names. First one is Josh, second James, third Mike

Snímek obrazovky 2023-12-18 v 19.28.38

How can I extract just the current row’s (cell’s) text from the List of text to create a closer per one row.

Hopefully this makes sense but if not please watch this 2 min video Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

if you want the first item on the list:

repeatinggroup list of texts :splitby (comma) first item

if you want the 2nd item on the list:

repeatinggroup list of texts :splitby (comma) item#2

… etc

but I need to create a list of them, not just one.

Hit the button and create multiple data types based of the repeating group