Put each item of a list in each cell of a repeatinggroup

Hello guys,

I’m trying to put each item of a list of text from my database in each single cell of a RepeatingGroup, but i don’t see how to make it.
If i follow the usuals steps for any others type of data, all my list appear in a single cell.

There is a way through Option Set, but since i need dynamic data from my Users, it’s not possible.

I don’t see how to adapt the method to this special DataType :confused:

Displaying a list of texts in a RG is no different to displaying a list of any other type of data… so I’m not sure why you’re having an issue with this.

Perhaps share some screenshots of your current setup so someone can see where you’re going wrong.

Hi Adam, thanks for anwsering !

I’m surprise that you say that the list got the same behavior. For basic DataType, you have only one value per field for a same object. So you don’t have to tell a specifique bahavior to return the value.
But in the case of a list, you have multiples value in the same field of an object. So if you return the field, you got the entire list at a single place. It’s what i got.
I created a datatype with a field “Tags” that is a list of text. If i just create a RG that return the value of the field “Tags”, all the tags are in the same cell.

So i have to create something specific to force the differents values of my list to be single in a cell of the RG. That’s not the same bahavior as the others data, since i don’t have to split it to make them appears in differents cells.
Or maybe i’m missing something ? (I’m new to Bubble)

Here are some screen :
(My DataType)

Example of stored data of an object

Text in the RG

What it show

Or maybe i’m missing something ?

Yes… you’re misunderstanding content types and datasources (and how RGs work).

As I said, displaying a list of texts in a RG is no different from displaying any other type of list… you just define the RG content-type, and then set a datasource of that content-type.

To display a list of texts, the content type needs to be ‘Text’, and the data source needs to be a list of texts.

But that’s not what you’re doing…


From this screenshot, it’s clear that your RG content type is Product - so therefore the RG will hold a list of Products (not texts).

Then, inside the cell, in the text element, you’re telling it to display that product’s list of texts, which is exactly what it’s doing (i.e. displaying a single text containing all the current cell’s products, separated by a comma), as seen here:

So it’s behaving exactly as expected, and doing exactly what you’re telling it to do (although not what you’re trying to do)

If you want to display the list of ‘Texts’ in the RG (i.e. one text per cell), the RG content type needs to be ‘Text’ (not Product), and the RG datasource needs to be something like Search for Products: each items Product aTags (test) (i.e. a list of texts).

Then your text element should just be ‘Current Cell's Text

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Okay, i got your point.

I’ve made changes based on your explanation and the RG is doing what i wanted.

Thanks for the lesson sir

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