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i did a workflow but its only create 1 entry and i want it to be a list of things so just repeat the Steps depends on how many user did the system found

i have a thing called “Users” under that there’s a field PC/Console so what i did is do a worklflow that will search all Users that has PC on it and i want it to create a list of Users that has PC

i managed to do that by doing a workflow Create a thing Search Users with constraint of PC/Console = PC but it was only creating 1 entry and i want it to create a list of entries of Users that uses PC

Hi @jigsgfx.gj,

Sounds like you need to Schedule an API Workflow on a List since your list is unknown. The API Endpoint would ultimately create a new Thing for each found User. Your setup would look like this:

API Endpoint

  • Create a parameter for User
  • Add an action to create a New Thing. Depending on what you’re doing, you can pull from the User parameter to save info for each User this is running on

Page Workflow

  • Trigger “Schedule an API Workflow on a List”
  • Type of Things = User
  • List to run on = Search for Users with PC
  • Parameter User = “This User”
  • Schedule date = whenever you want this to run (e.g. current date/time)

Hope this helps. Check out this video, too, for a walkthrough on how the action works:

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Hi @romanmg , thank you so much for the help, im a subscriber of your channel :slight_smile:

if would you mind help me again here? Get the Return Points depends of the Total Amount

Thank you so much in advance

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