Create a list on State

So Im looking for functionality similar to a checkbox. What I have is a serious of options that can be selected. Currently the options are presented within a repeating group and either a toggle or a check box would represent the option being selected. a submit button would create a list of the options based on the ones that have been selected and record them to a database list. This functionality will happen before a database record has been created so my thinking was that it would be a state. I’ve not been able to figure out how to add current cells to a state… I’ve only been able to set a state.

I hope Im explaining my situation correctly.

Looking forward to your feedback.

You need
A) Set the state the same type of the RG type. Let say we set the state on the “page index”.
B) Set the state to be a list
C) In the Workflow, when input value has changed. Select Checkbox. You will need two WF

  1. When checbox is checked: Set state. The setting will be Page index’s state:plus item Current cell data
  2. When checkbix is uncheced. Set state = Page index’s state:minus item Current cell data

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