List of checkboxes

Is it possible to use a list of checkboxes instead of a dropdown of dynamic data?

What do you mean by a list of checkboxes?… literally just more than one checkbox?

In which case, yes, of course you can….

Or do you mean something else?

List of checkboxes that refers to dynamic data.

For example: I have a list of items in my database, the checkboxes would show for each item.

Or do I have to add the checkboxes individually? I have over 3k records as checkboxes if that is the case

Can’t you show the items from the database in a repeating group and add a checkbox to the repeating group?

That certainly makes sense, ill give that a try

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How would a workflow be setup in this case?

I have the repeating group with the list of data and a checkbox next to each item. If a user were to check that box I have an action that would update the user and puts the list of items if that he/she checks into the database BUT the checkboxes do not show up for the workflow

You could add the items to a custom state list as they are checked and then add the custom state’s value (i.e., the list of items) to the list in the database when some sort of submit action is taken.

there’s no workflow for the checkboxes though

You can use the An input’s value is changed workflow event, with the input element being the checkbox.

So I need the custom state to be a list but when doing the current cells checkbox it only refers to that current cell (1 item) so it doesn’t work.

How do I add them as a list per checkbox?

When a checkbox is clicked, add the current cell’s thing to the current value of the custom state… so, something like custom state's value:plus item current cell's thing.

I am doing the action: “Set State” correct?

Yes, within a An input’s value is changed workflow event, you would use the Set state action to add the current cell’s thing to the custom state’s existing value.

custom states value does not show up. I can get current cell’s “item” but no custom state value

I assume you first selected the page/element with which the custom state is associated? You can’t select a custom state directly.

yes. I have in this case the state set to the page which I have selected within the workflow

It’s very difficult to follow what you are doing without being able to see anything. If you want to share some screenshots, I’m sure someone will be able to help.

Try creating the expression for_agents list of counties: plus item current cell's countie. Also, you would want to add an only when condition to the workflow event (not the set state action) that says when the checkbox is checked.

Seems to work that way

What if they uncheck it? would that still add the ID to the custom state then?