How do I create records from a list state?

I have a state that saves a table as a list, so when checking checkboxes on a repeating group it runs a workflow that adds the current row to the list state if it’s checked, and removes it if it’s unchecked.

I need to run a workflow action now that creates a different record, and then relates it to the list state. So for example, if I check the box on 5 rows in the repeating group, it first adds all 5 rows to the state as a list (this works fine right now) but then I need the next step to be “create a list of 5 things and then relate each to the 5 items in the list state.”

To clarify, say I have a list of products in a repeating group and I check the checkbox beside 5 of them, that adds those 5 product rows to the state as a list which is no problem. But then I want it to then create 5 “quote line item” records, and relate each of those to the 5 products in the state.

Trying to use API workflow where it creates a line item with the product, but stuck trying to do the “schedule an API workflow on a list” as when I select the product it says it evaluates to a list and goes red. If I do “first item” it “works” but creates all the products using the same one. Can’t figure out how to make it go through the actual list saved on the state.

Here’s when you check the checkbox it adds the current row to the state selectedmasterproducts:

Here’s the API endpoint, I’ve tried checking off the box “is list/array” as well but same issues:

And here’s the workflow trying to make it create a lead line item with each of the products related to it. It always just goes red and when you hover it doesn’t give any help or say what the issue is. I’ve tried everything nothing gets rid of the red, unless I pick “first item” which doesn’t work as then it just uses the first product in the list for all:

Can you use set the field Apply URL to be the custom link for each job?