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Create a new account number via API workflows


I´m trying to create a new account number with 10 digits starting by 4…1, 4…2, etc. when a user imports a customer list via CSV.

I´ve tried to do it via schedule an API workflow on a list from a CSV list of 40 customers but the account number is being set by groups of 10 or so with the same account number and I want each customer to have a different account number starting by 1, 2, 3… sequentially. So it should be: customer 1 = 4…1, customer 2 = 4…2, customer 3 = 4…3, etc.

Here is the page wf:

Here´s the backend wf setup:
Captura de pantalla 2021-02-15 a las 17.31.24

Thanks a lot.


When you send a list to have something done … that same “something” happens to each item of the entire list. This is why all your proveedores are getting the same “count+1”.

If you want something different done to each proveedor, then you need to build logic for this different “something” to happen to each single entry.

I suggest you consider using schedule api and not schedule api on a list and set everything up in a somewhat similar fashion to this:


The above is a “loop” with an extinguishable condition (aka as a recursive flow).

Hope this helps :+1:t2:

Hello @cmarchan,

Thank you for your reply man. In the meantime I was trying the following topic and it seems to be working: How to achieve Unique, Sequential Numbers Reliably? - #57 by morgan

I think it´s more clean and easy at least for me, hehe.

Thank you so much for your time man :slight_smile:.

Have a nice day.

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