Create a new database with new fields within the app?

Hi guy I am new to bubble and I was wandering if it is possible to do this:
I know how to create new database with new field from the backend of bubble and how an user can add/modify an entry.

Is the a way where the user can create a new database by using my app? If so the new database will have no fields, is there a way to create them?

The reason is that I am creating a market place with user that sell and use that buy. So I will have a database containing the user and one containing the products. But I was thinking that only one database to store possibly thousands of items is not enough, so for each shop I wanted to create an individual database. Do you think that is the best approach?

Thank you so much for your help guys!

@andreagosta - welcome to Bubble. For some background context, I recommend taking a read through my comments on this post and the linked video.

Relational database logic, at first, can be a bit tricky. But I recommend experimenting and working through tutorials.

Once you do, you’ll see ways of storing and using information in the database in a dynamic way versus needing to allow your users to add new fields into your database.