Creating user accounts for my app

finally my app is functioning as i wanted, thanks bubble!
I am now thinking of how to create user accounts for the app. any ideas are welcome. thanx

You usually create Users on Bubble by them going though a SignUp process. Or using a Social Login such as Google.

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i have done that. but i need each user to have a separate database.

from what i’ve read on bubbles pricing, i have to upgrade my plan to Team in order to create sub apps which give each user a separate database.

Why does each User need a separate Database ?

i finally found a work around by making the user a key for each new thing created and calling for the users thing when searching data. owesome:grinning:

You can also use “Created By” which is a field on every Bubble table. That is a User.

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Hi. How can I use that function? I try to create different users, but I really do not know how, I want each user to have access to only one window, when I log in, with that function I can do that?