Is there a way to create/display new elements WITHOUT a repeating group?

Hi Bubblers! I started learning Bubble two months ago, and this forum has been so so helpful, thank you!

I’m currently building a “moodboard” app, where users can enter a link into a form, and then display a card on the page with the link preview image/title. This card can be dragged around and saved in another location. I’ve gotten the app working for a single testing link, but there isn’t a way to add new cards when I add new links. Here are the options I tried and why they aren’t working:

1 - Repeating group of draggable cards…I can’t save the location of where the draggable card is dragged to
2 - Repeating group with ranking (like in some examples I saw on the forum)…this constrains the items into a grid, which doesn’t look great
3 - No repeating group…this works if I manually create hidden cards and trigger them to show/display certain information when the form is submitted. But it slows the app down and also limits how many links the user can show.

Is there any way to create a new draggable card and display it on the page (w/o a repeating group) when I submit the form?? Thanks in advance for your help!

Perhaps if you shared a screenshot it will be easier to understand what you are facing