Create a new page from a submit button

Hello everyone !!

I’m creating an alpha “management app”.

I want that the user can creates a new page from a submit button, like in WordPress.

User story :
The user wants to create a new project from his dashboard. A popup appears, with just a text field. And, when the user clicks on “Add”, a link of this new project, is displaying in the dashboard. And, in the database, a new page (a new project in fact) is creating for this user.

I don’t know if it’s very clear and possible with Bubble.

Thanks !!

Create a new page in bubble for projects.
When user hits submit, create a new thing in bubble, then navigate the user to page “projects” and send data with the results from creating the new thing.

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I don’t really understand because, in this project page, i just can display text from the input and not the url of this new page even if a create a new data type

How are you displaying this text? Are you using a repeating group? If so, you can create a workflow where, when a user clicks on that text, they are taken to the project’s page and have the workflow send data, “Current cell”. Does this make sense?

yeah, i display this text in a repeating group.

ok, i understand the workflow. But, how i send data ? Because doesn’t appears in bubble worflow, i just can display somethings. Then, I don’t see how the user can create new page in the database ?

Sorry, i’m very beginner …

Maybe, in this repaeating group, should be better to display “link” and not a “text”.

Hi guillemcotcha,

have a look at this youtube video I made for sending data across pages (in my case orders not projects)
hope it helps.

Thanks a lot guys !! At the end, i succed ! :wink:

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