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Can't recall how to create new page when a user clicks a button

I was up late night a while back and I remember something in the workflow that allowed you to create a new page and send data to it, or at least I think did. But now I can’t remember how that’s done. Does anyone know how to do this.

We’ve never supported that.

yeah, you cant do that. but, you can navigate to an existing page and send a “thing” along with the redirect. the page data type should be the same as the thing type that you are sending…

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this post as well as this one Wish list of features where @levon is looking to “create new page from workflow based on some template” would be really cool for what I am building as well. Reason being, I am creating an app that would have several hundred pages based on categories of things. It would be cool to build into our admin where we would create new pages for the app from within the app rather than within bubble. The reason that it is not ideal to send data to a dynamic page rather than several pages is mainly for search engines finding the content.

Do you think that user created pages is something that Bubble would support in the future?