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Create a new page from user information

I have a page where users can submit information to a “form”. When they press the “submit” button I would want the site to create a new page from a “template” but with the users information. But i dont reallly know how to do that?
Thank you.
No the other similar article did not help.

Create a “type” for your form and make sure all the fields in the form are part of that type.

Then set your new page to that type of content. This will allow you to pull in dynamic the data.

See the introduction videos on the Documentation page, they take you through the key concepts.

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Thank you guys, but I still dont really understand. I want a new individual page to be created with the information specified. Not displaying extra details about a cell in a repeating group. I need the information from the form to be sent directly to a newly created page for that information.

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Everything is generated dynamically by bubble.

Page 1. Create a page with form. When someone clicks submit, use a workflow to store the info from the form in your db. Then use a workflow to send the user to page 2.

Page 2. This is your user page. From here, you can call the information that you just saved in the DB.

Best way is to go through the tutorials until you understand each one completely. Don’t get frustrated.

Then, If you really want to master bubble, read the posts on this forum and force yourself to answer two questions for every one you ask. All the answers are here and the people are amazing.


No you can not create unique pages with workflows, only manually at this point. I think that is what you want to acheive.

Yeah thankyou , but would it be possible for me to send data from a form to a blank page I created earlier? (The new info will go to a new page every time)

Yeah. You’re welcome. There are a number of ways to send data to pages.

How did they do it here if you cant create new pages ?

They create a template page structured to show all the content of a “feature.” Then, they pass the data of a specific feature to that page when users navigate there.

Have you watched those videos yet?

It will help you understand the concepts…


You design a page layout, and you feed it data from the database. it gives the appearance of a new unique page for each thing. in reality it is just one page layout, with the content changes for each simulated page.

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Ok, thank you and no Dave but I did the lesson.

I made a quick video of how to do it. All of the info you need really is in the tutorial videos, but I agree that it’s not always obvious what they are doing. One thing that I found very confusing on the tutorials is their reference to “things”. It is hard to know when they are talking about Tables, Records in tables, or Fields in Records - which, of course, are very different “things.” I think some of their information about the database would actually be easier to understand if they just used the normal terminology in the industry.

At any rate, let me know if you want to see the video (I guess I’ll post it to YouTube if you are interested.)


@DaveA - brilliant.
You could make an admin page with that template as well and just auto-bind.

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