Create a new thing base on user selection choice

Good Day guys, am new here, am having a radio button with two choice, let say seller and buyer, i want to create a new thing base on the selection of the user, when the user selects seller i want to create a new seller thing and when the user selects buyer i want to create a new buyer thing dynamically. based on @koechamos51 solution which i implemented but the data are not been committed into the database. thank and any answer is appreciated.

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Here you will have a workflow with a condition on each action that create the 2 things, Buyer/Seller. For buyer you can say "Create a Buyer only "when radio button value is ‘buyer’ "

Other options may include changing the UI so that you have different forms depending on selected radio button Value hence having different workflow.

NB:The condition only when Radio button ------ is ‘Buyer’ the word ‘Buyer’ must match character to character with the static value in the Radio Button

Thanks, i will check if this solve my Question, thanks again…

@ koechamos51 the only when condition is causing a problem the input data are not being committed into the db, but when i remove the condition everything works well…

Kindly share a screenshot of your set up . The radio button values and workflow

@koechamos51 this is it pls.

Kindly attach the RadioButton D’s screenshot with the static values visible