Create a new user - changes current logged in user

Hello, as an “admin” user I’m creating accounts on behalf of “staff” through a workflow. The staff get their relevant email and login credentials. However, the current logged in admin user becomes the newly created staff member (as the current logged in user) and doesn’t maintain the admin rights/session.

Is there something I’m missing or doing incorreclty?

Thanks for the help.

How are you creating the new Users? And what does your entire workflow look like?

I’m using the standard “Sign The User Up” form

Ok, well there’s your answer…

That’s exactly what the ‘Sign the User Up’ action does - i.e. it creates a new account for the Current User and logs them in.

If you want to create an account on behalf of someone else, you need to use the ‘Create an account for someone else’ action.

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Champion! Thank you.

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