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Sign the user up - logs in as new user

Hey all

I’ve got a workflow that creates a new “client” account - a company record that stores all company information. It also creates a new “user account” so that the users can login and see the company information.

During this workflow, when the new user is created, it automatically “runs as” the newly created user. I want to run the process as the user that created the new user, not login as the user that was created.

Any ideas?

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Work flow to create new “Client” and “user”

Before new “Client” and “user” is created - you can see the “run as” user circled in red.

After the workflow has been run. As you can see, the user name has been changed. So has the menu - this is because a certain menu layout is different for each “type” of user.

How do we keep it as the user that created the new user account?

I think you should add another action which would be “Log the user out” once it is done.

By definition, the ‘Sign The User Up’ workflow will sign up the current user (i.e. the person using the app).

If you want to create an account for someone else you need to use the ‘Create Account For Someone Else’ workflow action.


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