[solved] Can we make changes to a user that we just created?

Hey guys, brain fart here. I didn’t notice the Change another field option when signing an user up. SOLVED.

So, usually I just use the option of make change to a thing, that was created on the step 2, but when that step is sign an user up, it dosn’t show up. Am I sleeping on something basic here?
I need to set a lof of things when an user creates another user.

Hi there, @Viktor… you can use the Account >> Make changes to current user workflow action or you can select Current User as the thing to change in your screenshot.

The above being said, you mentioned a user creating another user. If that’s what you are doing, I don’t think you want to use the Sign the user up action, but instead you might need to be using the Create an account for someone else action.

Hope this helps.



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