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Create a private room

Hello everyone

I’m a newbie on bubble and the forums in my native language don’t cover what I want to do. Maybe it’s easy or there are already tutorials on the subject, if so, don’t hesitate to tell me.

I want a person on my site to be able to create a private page by setting a password. Other people entering the password will be able to access this specific page. The idea is that what is written on the private page stays on that page. Does anyone have any tutorials, explanations to help me understand how to set this up?

Thanks for your future answers

  1. Create a data type called “privatePage”
  2. Add whatever fields are necessary on the data type to capture information for the private page
  3. Make sure to add a data field called “Password”
  4. Create a new page called “private” or whatever you want to call it
  5. Give that new page a type of content “privatePage” → the data type you created
  6. Add a popup or somewhere in your User pages to create that new private page
  7. Once the User supplies the required fields (for the private page) make sure to also either create a password for them or have them supply one
  8. Create that new privatePage database entry
  9. Would be good to add a slug to the newly created database entry
  10. Now your User can share the private page URL by it being “
  11. Make sure to add a popup on the “private page” to show on page load. The popup should ask the User for the password.
  12. When the User enters a correct password, set the state of the page, something like passWordAccepted = yes
  13. Anything you want to show on the private page would have a condition == when passwordAccepted = yes, show the elements

That’s how I would approach it

Learn no code →

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Thank you very much, that will help me a lot!

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