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Hi I am wondering is it possible to create a network with bubble, that allows a user to create a private chat group and then send an invite code their friends? For instance if I am a student and I want to create a group for my study group so we can chat, and so only me and my group can be part of that chat room.

Hi there, @menez64… yes, what you have described is definitely possible with Bubble. At a very high level, you could create a data type called something like Chat Room, and the data type could have a field that is a list of users who can participate in the room as well as a field that stores the code to enter the room. You could generate the code when the room is created, and the creator of the room could send the code to other users. You would give the other users a way to enter a code, and the system could search for the thing in the Chat Room data type with the same code and add the users to the room’s list of users.

Anyway, just some food for thought there, and I hope it helps.


Thank you for the suggestion, I will look into it for sure.

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