Creating a private app

Hello guys!, I’m new into Bubble and I really wish to become an expert here.

I’m trying to create a private app system for a company, but the trick here is that there’s no “Sing Up” in terms of users. As any private company, the employees are given their credentials to access the system. So, I can create users in the “Data” Tab but I can’t give them a password. Therefore, how do they will be able to Log in? the password field in the Users info is hidden by Bubble as default.

My goal is to create the user accounts when the owner ask for them, and give them the permissions requested for their role. Is it possible to do it here?

Thanks in advance for any help provided

Hi @luisrdz10

You can create the user using action “create an account for someone else”. Then use action “Assign a temp password”. This will create a token. You can send this token in an email for the user to sign up.

You can then ask the users to update their passwords for better privacy.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @animisha45 Thanks for your response.

Oh, I see, that sounds interesting. I’ll try it tomorrow.