Create a thing, containing list of things. Hobby plan

Hello everyone.
My question is simple: I have to create a Thing (Library for example) that contains a list of other things (books, with authors, dates, titles and so on).
I tried to create these “other things” in database beforehand in order to add them to Thing later, but got “performance error”. I believe it should be done with element custom states (client-side), but I can’t figure out how exactly and is there any possibility at all.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Problem is that these sub-things should be created manually, by indicating every field for every sub-thing, as they exist as list of texts.

Totally lost… :pensive:

Hi @AnFlare,

Adding a list of things to another Thing is pretty straightforward, but it’s a bit difficult to see how you want to achieve it. Are you making these changes in the Bubble database editor directly, or have you set up a user interface to save it?

Saving the list in a custom state (which is indeed client-side) is one way to do it. To save the content of that list to a Thing, use the Set list function in the Make change to Thing action, and then reference the custom state you set up. To add items one by one, use the Add.


The performance error warning is also hard to say why it came up; it could be passing bug in Bubble, or it could be that you accidentally set up a workflow that demanded too much of the system and was blocked.

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I believe performance error appeared because of continious adding records to database in pretty little time. My app adds a record every 600ms. It seems too bad… and it seems also that adding records to database is resource consuming operation itself, so I decided to do all stuff client-side, with the help of custom states.

Are you making these changes in the Bubble database editor directly, or have you set up a user interface to save it?

I have an iterator, that goes through a list of text, parsing them and transforming into things. That’s how it should work.
Problem is that I don’t know how to add list items to custom state List one by one and filling every field one after another. “Add” function needs a list item, that I don’t have.

Ok, I see. Have you looked into API workflows? If you do the parsing through workflows, the “Schedule API workflow on a list” could make it easier for you to space out the operations a bit to avoid overloading the system.

This big number of Things, is it a one-time import? If so, importing an CSV could also make it easier for you.

“Schedule API workflow on a list” is for Personal plan and up, unfortunately. That’s why I’m trying to find other ways for now.

Yup, it’s a one time import, but I simplified things by parsing my own file. The app needs to be able to do it with user’s one, so I can’t do it with CSV import (also it’s for paid plans too)

Ah, yes, sorry, didn’t take that into account.

So - do you consider it solved? Wasn’t sure how to interpret your last message.

No, I still can’t get how to do it :frowning:

I’m not sure I’m grasping the problem fully. If you don’t mind sharing a link to your app, I can have a look at it if you want. You can share the link over a PM if you don’t want to publish it here.

I don’t know how to share :frowning:
Will the app be editable?

You can duplicate the app and share the link