How to buid an activity feed

Hey guys!

As we all know (by the fact that our thumbs now have muscle memory when it comes to scrolling :wink:), activity feeds are everywhere. And this obviously isn’t just related to social sites – I’ve seen countless apps with activity feeds spanning all types.

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about activity feeds, so I wanted to share this quick video tutorial with everyone. I hope it helps you build your own as well!


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Hi @romanmg, thanks for posting the tutorial! It was very helpful. Do you know if it’s possible to show only the first activity event for each activity type? I would like a user to see a summary of the event types created for a contact. It would look like this in the repeating group.

Here is how my datatype is set up when a new task, note, etc… is created.

I have an option set that has my list of the event types.

Thanks for all your tutorials! They’ve helped me so much.


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